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Периодичность – 2 раза в год.
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Number 1. (in 1 part) June 20, 2014

Articles and Reports

1. Evgeny F. Krinko
«Forgotten War» in Historical Sources

Russkii Arkhiv, 2014, Vol. (4), № 2, pp. 76-84.

The First World War is considered the «forgotten war» in Russia. However it is widely reflected in the various historical sources. Its largely determine the possibilities of researchers. The paper is cover to formation and contemporary condition of sources of the history of the First World War. The author considers the basic funds of the leading Russian archives and documentary publications.

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2. Zoya A. Chumakova
The Prosopography Database «Don in the First World War 1914–1918»: Identification of Sources and Methodic of one-time input of Documents in the First Formation Stage

Russkii Arkhiv, 2014, Vol. (4), № 2, pp. 85-92.

In the recent years one of the most promising studying methods is a genre prosopography database, involving the study of mass sources to form based on a statistical analysis of their dynamic information «collective biography». At the present time, the technical and information resources make possible the formation of a database prosopography «Don in the First World War». It`s clear that in the first phase of the database`s creation it is necessary to identify the set of documents, which allow the mass or «salvo» static input of personal data. This project presents several groups of people: direct participants in hostilities; don officials and military administration of Cossack self-government and public figures of the First World War; temporarily residents on the Don territory. Direct participants in hostilities - the Cossack officers and enlisted men and officers and lower ranks of the non-Cossack origin, natives Don. On the first stage of formation of the database, it is necessary to identify the sources and methods of input static and dynamic data.

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Publications Sources

3. Nina A. Vlaskina (Preparation to publication, introduction and commentary)
The Diary of Army Medical Assistant S.V. Bykovsky (1914–1915 years)

Russkii Arkhiv, 2014, Vol. (4), № 2, pp. 93-112.

First published the diary of S.V. Bykovsky, a Russian army medical assistant. The records depict a timeline from July 1914 until October 1915 and describe the events that took place in East Prussia and Poland. The diary has got a chronicle type of writing. It comprises daily records describing positions and movements of troops, Russian-German battle losses, the characteristic of military units dislocation.

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4. Igor A. Novikov (Preparation to publication, introduction and commentary)
The Disasters Caused By the Military Time Reflected on the Overall Russian Population to a Greater or Lesser Extent: The First World War and The Southern Urals

Russkii Arkhiv, 2014, Vol. (4), № 2, pp. 113-138.

This is the first publication summarizing the documents, reflecting the contribution of the South Ural region on the events of the First World War. It is based on the documents stored in the united archive of the Chelyabinsk region and the archieve of Zlatoust district of Chelyabinsk region. The documents show the role of local authorities in carrying out the mobilization, the transference of economy on the increasing of the military production, the organization of resident`s lives, refugees and prisoners in war conditions.

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5. Evgeniyа I. Sazonova, Yury M. Smirnov (Preparation to publication, introduction and commentary)
Ordinary Story of «Little man» (Notes of the Murom’s Petty Bourgeois Alexander Ivanovich Gladkov)

Russkii Arkhiv, 2014, Vol. (4), № 2, pp. 139-148.

In the diary of the Murom petty bourgeois Alexander Ivanovich Gladkov (1815–?) life of «the little person» from the province, the chosen occupation by trade by the vital path is reflected. It is history of the native of rather poor family who work and self-education achieved certain success, however I lost everything because of alcoholism. Notes fix many parties of a life and relationship of inhabitants of the ancient merchant city and bribe the frankness, addressing to those parties of private life about which then aloud didn't speak.

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