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Number 1. (in 1 part) December 26, 2014

Articles and Reports

1. Leonid Smilovitsky
Soviet Jews write to the Red Army (1941–1945). Creation of a collection of War time letters in the Diaspora Research Centre at Tel Aviv University

Russkii Arkhiv, 2014, Vol. (6), № 4, pp. 236-252.

The article is dedicated to the creation and analysis of a collection of private correspondence of Soviet Jews from the years 1941–1945. The correspondence was between the Jews fighting at the front and their relatives and acquaintances evacuated to the USSR hinterland. Most of the letters and diaries have come to the Diaspora Research Centre at Tel Aviv University from the family archives of the World War II veterans, or of their heirs, who live now in various countries of the world. The author's conclusion is that the wartime correspondence and diaries are a valuable historical source, which largely enriches our knowledge of the deadly struggle between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

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Publications Sources

2. Sergey I. Degtyarev (Preparation to publication, introduction and commentary)
The documents about the land plots of owners of Okhtyrka 1770–1776

Russkii Arkhiv, 2014, Vol. (6), № 4, pp. 253-261.

This paper presents a little-known and previously unpublished document, containing a list of land, that were owned by landlords and other residents of Okhtyrka in 1770–1776 years. This document a valuable source for the study of problems of genealogy, local history, social and economic history.

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3. Igor G. Ivantcov, Sergei M. Sivkov, Anastasia R. Plotnikovа (Preparation to publication, introduction and commentary)
The Austrian newspaper «Reichspost» about Hunger in the USSR 1932–1933

Russkii Arkhiv, 2014, Vol. (6), № 4, pp. 262-271.

The Article is devoted to one of the tragic pages of history of the USSR, the famine of 1932–1933. Closeness of archival documents in the Soviet period on the subject was the cause of much speculation, as in post-Soviet Russia and in other former Soviet republics. Moreover, in many studies appeared quite mystical figure of 10 million dead from starvation. The article is completely one from the archives, namely early translation of the article from the Austrian newspaper «Reichpost» where it was first announced this figure.

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To the 150th anniversary of the voluntary resettlement of Koreans in Russia

4. Nikolay F. Bugai (Preparation to publication, introduction and commentary)
National movement of Koreans Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic and Republics of Central Asia: «to return to the Far East and to grant autonomy…» (Documentary historical and political aspect)

Russkii Arkhiv, 2014, Vol. (6), № 4, pp. 272-305.

The offered publication of documents is dated to 150th anniversary voluntary resettlement of Koreans in the territory of the Russian Empire (1864). Documents are revealed in the State archive of the contemporary history. Earlier weren't published. The main attention is concentrated on a state in the Korean environment in Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic and Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic of educational work in the 1950th years and further, the organizations of work of mass media, creative collectives – the Korean musical theater, etc. Representatives of the Soviet Korean elite were direct participants of process of compulsory resettlements of an ethnic community to the called republics in the second half of the 1930th years. Koreans had to overcome difficulties of economic character, to pass not only adaptation and integration into local society, but also such more capacious factors of everyday life as spatiality and time. The second part of published documents opens features of process of an embodiment of idea about the Korean autonomous statehood. With this idea Koreans acted, since 1914. Evolution of this period is documentary reflected, conclusions are drawn on expediency of construction of not territorial autonomy with its institutionalizing, formation of institutes of civil society. In the 1990th years the idea received realization.

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5. Viacheslav E. Suslikov
Experience the Nazi occupation of Donbass: witnesses talks / Comp. by D.N. Tytarenko and T. Penter. Donetsk: Svit knygy, 2013. 465 p.

Russkii Arkhiv, 2014, Vol. (6), № 4, pp. 306-308.

Review is concerned of boor compiled together by Ukrainian and German historians. This work is a collection of oral testimonies of survivors of the German occupation of the territory of the Donbass. Reveals the main advantages and disadvantages of this book, its uniqueness for regional historiography.

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