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4 December 17, 2015

Articles and Reports

1. Ekaterina V. Arkhipova, Evgeny F. Krinko, Marina A. Ryblova, Tatiana P. Khlynina
Children of Stalingrad Talk about Themselves: Characteristics and Problems of Recording the Memories of Witnesses

Russkii Arkhiv, 2015, Vol. (10), Is. 4, pp. 256-266.
DOI: 10.13187/ra.2015.10.256CrossRef

The article studies the methodology of the survey among children of wartime. The authors summarize the results of the research conducted in 2014–2015 among Volgograd inhabitants, witnesses of the Battle of Stalingrad in childhood and adolescence. 264 interviews were recorded. In 1942–1943 the children of Stalingrad found themselves in the center of one of the bloodiest battles in the world history. They experienced the horror of the bombing, street fighting, hunger and cold, and then the difficulties of postwar reconstruction of the destroyed city. Considerable attention has been paid to the difficulties and problems in the survey carrying out.

URL: http://ejournal16.com/journals_n/1450375127.pdf
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2. Sergey A. Saneev
The Archive of the Hero City Novorossiysk

Russkii Arkhiv, 2015, Vol. (10), Is. 4, pp. 267-277.
DOI: 10.13187/ra.2015.10.267CrossRef

The article considers the history and current state of the archive of the city Novorossiysk. The conversions of the Novorossiysk archive were closely connected with the milestones of the city’s history. The author analyzes the changes in the system of completion of funds, material resources and staffing of the archive. The most commonly used funds and the possibilities of using archival documents by researchers are characterized.

URL: http://ejournal16.com/journals_n/1450375230.pdf
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Publication of sources

3. Alexander L. Kleitman, Rostislav L. Kovalevsky, Galina K. Savchenko
The Low Volga Region and Territory of the Don Cossacks in the Unpublished Fragment of Memories by Doctor J.J. Lerche (1749)

Russkii Arkhiv, 2015, Vol. (10), Is. 4, pp. 278-287.
DOI: 10.13187/ra.2015.10.278CrossRef

Fragment of the diaries by the traveler, scholar Dr J.J. Lerche which describes his journey on the Low Volga Region and the Territory of the Don Cossacks in spring 1749 is published in the Russian translation. This text was never published before; manuscript of the diary is kept in the National Library of Russia. The document is of interest as a source of social and economic history of the South of Russia, the history of Russian science, the history of Russian-German relations.

URL: http://ejournal16.com/journals_n/1450375321.pdf
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4. Evgeny F. Krinko, Maxim V. Medvedev
“…To Elect a Parity Commission”: Documents about the Transfer of Taganrog and Shakhty Districts to the RSFSR in 1924–1925

Russkii Arkhiv, 2015, Vol. (10), Is. 4, pp. 288-295.
DOI: 10.13187/ra.2015.10.288CrossRef

This publication describes the formation of the Russian-Ukrainian border in the Priazov Area and Donbass in 1920s. The territorial dispute was completed in 1925, when the greater part of the Taganrog and Shakhtinsky Districts were acceded to the North Caucasus Region of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. Published documents are extracted from the fund of the North Caucasian Regional Committee of the Party of the Documentation Center of the Modern History of the Rostov Region. They talk about the difficulty of reconciling the circumstances of the transfer of the territories between the authorities of the South-East (North Caucasus) Region and Donbass (Donetsk Province).

URL: http://ejournal16.com/journals_n/1450375402.pdf
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5. Igor O. Tyumentsev
Memories by the Chief of the Neftegorsky Group Staff of Kuban Guerrilla Troops F.S. Gotvan about the Battle at Mount Gunay on September 25, 1942

Russkii Arkhiv, 2015, Vol. (10), Is. 4, pp. 296-309.
DOI: 10.13187/ra.2015.10.296CrossRef

The fragment of memories by the chief of the Neftegorsky group staff of Kuban guerrilla troops (1942–1943) which focuses on the beginning of the German invasion into Tuapse on September 25–27, 1942 and on the battle for the guerrilla base at Mount Gunay is published in the article for the first time.

URL: http://ejournal16.com/journals_n/1450375490.pdf
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6. Sergey I. Degtyarev
Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel of Militia

Russkii Arkhiv, 2015, Vol. (10), Is. 4, pp. 310-328.
DOI: 10.13187/ra.2015.10.310CrossRef

This publication presents the memoirs of the former chief of Lebedinsky district Militia department Lt. Col. Ivan Borisenko (1902–1989). Memoirs include the years 1938–1959. It tells about the restoration of the national economy after the liberation from Nazi troops of Lebedinsky district in 1943; describes law enforcement agencies fighting crime.

URL: http://ejournal16.com/journals_n/1450375562.pdf
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