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3 September 23, 2016

Articles and Reports

1. Mikhail Yu. Kiselyov
National works of soldiers and officers of the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945 in documents of Russian Academy of Sciences Archive

Russkii Arkhiv, 2016, Vol. (13), Is. 3, pp. 200-207.
DOI: 10.13187/ra.2016.13.200CrossRef

Information on work of Institute of ethnography of Academy of Sciences of the USSR on collecting in 1944–1945 of works of national works of the soldiers and officers of Red Army created by them in the period of the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945 gg. is provided in article or in the first post-war years. The texts of poems, chastushkas and the story of soldiers and officers postponed in archival fund of institute in Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences are provided. Letters of soldiers and officers of Red Army can fill up source study base on stories of the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945 and domestic culture, they can be used both in research, and in the educational purposes.

URL: http://ejournal16.com/journals_n/1476424231.pdf
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Publication of sources

2. Yevgenia M. Lupanova
Models and Scientific Instruments at the Kunstkamera of the 18th Century

Russkii Arkhiv, 2016, Vol. (13), Is. 3, pp. 208-231.
DOI: 10.13187/ra.2016.13.208CrossRef

The publication of “List of mathematical, physical and surgical instruments together with models of different kinds stored on the second floor in the found department some of which belonged to the emperor Peter the Great” which was presumably composed in 1770-es, provides the opportunity to get an idea of the collection of scientific instruments at the Kunstkamera of the 18th century, history of the museum development during the first decades of its existence. The publication is complemented with the data from other catalogues of the Kunstkamera in the 18th century. This allows to give most possible full description of the stored exhibits.

URL: http://ejournal16.com/journals_n/1476424290.pdf
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3. Igor O. Tyumentsev
Documents and Memories by the Commander of the Apsheron Partisan Detachment of Neftegorsk Formation of Partisan Detachments, Sergey S. Zhukov

Russkii Arkhiv, 2016, Vol. (13), Is. 3, pp. 232-265.
DOI: 10.13187/ra.2016.13.232CrossRef

The documents and memories written by the commander of the Apsheron partisan detachment Sergey S. Zhukov concern the organization and operations of this unit, which was a part of Neftegorsk formation of partisan detachments of the Kuban in 1942-1943. The most relevant documents are presented by S.S. Zhukov’s report and the detachment’s account. The early story written by the commander on the organization of the detachment and its operations is also of great interest. In the publication of 1975, this text was strongly corrected with the political and ideological aims. Publication of all the documents gives an opportunity to retrace how the events of the Great Patriotic War have been rethought in the Soviet time and nowadays.

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4. Igor G. Ivantsov
Staunch Soldier of the Motherland. In the Memory of Jafar Pazadovich Achegu (1916–2001)

Russkii Arkhiv, 2016, Vol. (13), Is. 3, pp. 266-274.
DOI: 10.13187/ra.2016.13.266CrossRef

The article is devoted to the biography and the typewritten memoirs on the front-line meetings of Jafar Azadovich Acegu (10.05.1916–18.04.2001), Lieutenant-Colonel, participant of the Battle of Kursk, the participant of the storm of Berlin, who signed on the Reichstag wall. The present preserved part of the typewritten memoirs concerns of the meetings with the fellow-countrymen on the various fronts of the Great Patriotic War, as well as the meetings and conversations with famous people, particularly with Marshal S.K. Timoshenko, who stuck in the memory of the article hero.

URL: http://ejournal16.com/journals_n/1476424394.pdf
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5. Nikolai F. Bugay, Mahach Il. Mamaev
«Consider it possible to return the Balkars...»: the restoration of the statehood. Documents returned. 1950s

Russkii Arkhiv, 2016, Vol. (13), Is. 3, pp. 275-282.
DOI: 10.13187/ra.2016.13.275CrossRef

The documentary publication deals with the problem of forced return links Balkars in the 1950s. Long 12 years of residence in Kazakhstan and the Central Asian republics, doubtless, have postponed their mark on this ethnic community. However, Balkars carefully treated their customs and traditions, preserved their original culture. 1950s opened up the possibility for the Balkars return to their homeland. The very process of return creates new difficulties. But Balkars together with representatives of other nations – Russian, Ukrainians, Kabardinians relying on their help to overcome these difficulties. In the first place, it has been resolved the main issue – the restoration of the Balkar national statehood. Presented publication of archival documents reveals a set of measures that are taken by the Balkars return to their former places of residence in the North Caucasus.

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